More interesting information about the ‘Schildercamer’ and related activities.

de Schildercamer

The name Painting Room dates back to the 17th century. It is a room, usually facing north, where the painter and his pupils worked and he also sold his paintings and those of others. 

This now is what I have done all my life. Hence the choice of this name.

Wouter Janssen

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Memory in Art

With the series Memory in Art I would like to establish collaboration with the future owner. The idea is to incorporate a personal object or memory into the artwork, an abstract painting as an immortalized memory.

In a way the canvas will hold a secret while at the same time the secret is to be looked at, this contrast creates an exciting tension.

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Grafic Art

Graphic art refers to artistic creations that are primarily focused on visual elements and utilize various graphic techniques. It encompasses a wide range of mediums, including digital art, printmaking, illustration, typography, and more.

Graphic art often combines aesthetics with communication to convey ideas, messages, or emotions visually.

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